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I am pro-Immigration

I am pro-Immigrant

I have always been very pro-immigrant.  I believe that in general, immigration is a good thing. For the most part, when I say that immigration is a good thing, I mean that it is good for the United States of America.  But, I also believe that the … [Read More...]

Flowers from WowPhilippines

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Old Junker

Old Junker This van is old and has been stripped for parts. Many vans here are used as carpools or … [Read More...]

PH Pro Pack

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It’s all about consumption, man!

Consumption. It means that we are talking about using up something. I mean, a picture frame is not a consumable item. A can of coke, on the other hand, is most certainly a consumable. I mean, once that can of coke has been consumed, it is all gone.  … [Read More...]

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Stuffed Animal Delivery in the Philippines

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I am mad about Mad Men

Mad about Mad Men

Have you ever watched Mad Men on AMC?  Mad Men is currently in its 7th season.  Actually, the latest episode was sort of the “Mid Season Finale”.  You see AMC decided to break the 7th, and final season into two different years.  So, this past episode was the “mid season finale” and the final season […]

I was inspired by the story

An incredible gift

This morning, a friend (thanks, Joe) e-mailed me a link to an article on the web.  The article that he linked to is called “An Unexpected Ass Kicking“.  I thought to myself.. “do I really have time read this article?”  Funny thing is that my thought was pretty much a very similar thought that the […]

Care Packages from friends

What a wonderful day!

Mondays are most people’s least-favorite day of the week.  For me, being self employed, every day is pretty much the same.  I work on most days, unless I just don’t feel like working, which is rare.  But, my “non-work-days” could fall on a Monday, Thursday or any other day.  A weekend day is really no […]

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