My journey will continue

Today, I am going to once again get started on my journey.

Actually, I have been thinking about it for a while now, wanting to be back on the road.

It’s been a few years now since I have seriously progressed on this journey, but I am ready to get it going again.

I am talking about a journey down the road to better health.  Primarily, I am talking about weight loss.

I have struggled all of my life with excessive weight, and in my adult life with obesity.  I have made progress in the past decade, though.  I first moved to the Philippines in May 2000.  While still living in the States, in the late 90’s, I reached my maximum weight of 430 pounds.  By the time we moved to the Philippines I was at about 395.  Since then, I have lost a fairly significant amount of weight, but still have more to lose.

Heavy - The show really motivated me!

Since I graduated from high school, in 1980, my lowest weight was 269 pounds, which was in 1981 or possibly 1982.  From 269, I went as high as 430, as I said earlier.

I want to be more active

Starting in around 2004 or so, I started doing more physical activity in an attempt to become healthier.  In 2008, I got down to 275, and I was really feeling good.  At that time, though, from a mosquito bite, I got dengue fever, a tropical disease that is quite debilitating.  I basically went 6 months with no energy, and was physically unable to work out or swim as I had been doing.  Because of that, I gained weight.  About 9 or 10 months ago, I was at 318, but I believe I went up to about 330 or so subsequent to that, although I did not weigh to confirm that feeling.

About a month or so ago, I was up one night and could not sleep.  I turned on the TV, and just by chance, I came across a show from A&E, I believe it was shown on TLC here in the Philippines, as I recall.  Perhaps it was on the Bio Channel, I don’t remember for sure.  The show is called “Heavy” and it covers the progress of extremely obese people on their journey toward weight loss and a healthier life.  After watching the show on local TV, I was inspired, and I was able to get a hold of a set of all of the shows in the series.  I watched the shows, and with each episode I felt even more inspired to get back on the road to personal weight loss and improved health.

So, as I said, in the past months, I know that my weight increased to 318, but I feel that I probably went as high as 330.  After watching the last episode of Heavy, I decided to get back on the road, and my first step was to get my current weight.  I was surprised when I stepped on the scale last night, and I was actually at 292.2, quite a bit lighter than I had thought!

Tuna Sashimi is delicious and nutritious

So, I am exercising more now.  I had been walking already in recent months, but I am walking two to three times the distance now.  I am also moderating my diet as much as I can.  One thing that I am trying to do is to work in some exercise with my meal too.  For example, today, I decided to have Tuna Sashimi for lunch.  We didn’t have any fresh tuna, so I walked a mile to the market, bought the tuna, and walked a mile home.  I ate about 6 ounces of raw tuna, which is only about 175 calories.  So, I got some nice exercise, ate a healthy lunch, and felt good about both!

So, starting this morning, I am back to my journey toward better health, and I’m excited about it.  I feel confident that in a rather short time I can lose the 23 pounds that will be necessary to put me at my lightest weight since I graduated High School!  That will be a milestone for me, and mean that I am getting healthier too!  I want to enjoy a long life, and that is less likely at the level of health where I am today, even though I am much healthier than I was back in the 90’s.

Wish me luck!  And will power!


  1. Luanne Shackelford says

    Go for it, Bob, I am proud of you! I am also working on slowly taking off weight, bit by bit. I've lost about 5 pounds since the beginning of April, and for a lady like me, who doesn't exercise, that' not bad. :-) I like using the website, I look forward to hearing about your lowering numbers as the months go by! God bless!

    • says

      Hey Luanne! Haven't heard from you for a while. I hope you and Ed are doing well.

      Actually, I was out walking again while you left your comment! I walked about a mile – went to the barber shop and back. Unfortunately, when I got there, the barber was not there! So, I'll walk back again tomorrow, I suppose! 😆

      I'm going to check out that website that you recommended. Congrats on your loss! Any loss is a step in the right direction!

      • Papa Duck says


        I know its hard trying to lose weight, but you will be fine. I was told along time ago the worst things for you are white flour, white sugar and white rice. High in calories and carbohydrates. Eat as much whole grains as possible, excercise and drink alot of water all of which are great for diabetics. Keep your head up and keep chugging away and you will reach your goal and start feeling better. You just have to keep up with the exercising no matter how tired you may be. I'll be pulling for you. Take care and be safe.

  2. maynard says

    Hey Bob good luck with the diet ,i myself have to lose 35 lbs by october my doctor says.Im just eating alot of vegetables now and not much rice….keep exercising.

  3. sugar says

    Continue the journey, Bob. When it comes to goals…. be it business or personal.. you always set yourself up to accomplished things Good job! . Btw, raw sashimi good? He he, I can never eat anything raw :)

  4. Bob New York says

    Good luck to you Bob. I too am trying to cut back on some of the things I really do not have to eat, but like to. Exercise ? Yes, I have realized that too. Instead of a couch potatoe watching TV and DVD, I spend an immense amount of time in front of a PC Screen which is really the same kind of thing, very little exercise.

    WIth all the talk about obese kids these days and blaming it on Junk Food and sugared soft drinks, the wrong stuff being served in school lunches etc. I wonder if any of the experts have ever thought of all these technological marvels we have today that occupy kids ( and for that matter adults too ) like PC & Internet, Xbox and other video games, all the hand held things I see people with all the time etc.

    It got me to thinking back to when I was a kid. We didn't have a Zillion TV channels to watch, we had 7 channels where I lived and they went off at Midnight. We were outside riding our bicycles, playing ball and other such activities. I don't see much of that today where I live. I wonder if all of this technology could be a part of the problem !

    For me, and I am sure for a lot of others of all ages, the Internet can become very addictive. Using it for a business is one thing. Speaking for myself and I am sure for countless others though it is entertaining, educational and fun and can just be difficult to get away from sometimes LOL !

    • says

      Hi Bob – You are right, the internet is very addictive. For me, the internet is my job, so I have to do it. But, I have to work in exercise too! Both are important, and neither should take a back seat! 😆

  5. Evelyn Smith says

    Hi bob, like you I have struggled with my weight since i was 13. Following the up an down yo-yo diet. 2 years ago I feel like i've finally gotten a handle on my health. Insprition has come from many different places. One of which is the show Heavy, but also Biggest Loser and Dr. Oz. I also use Weight Loss hypnosis CD's. Most of all, exercise has helped me keep the weight off. I love going to the gym, I've made so many new frieds that are interested in being and staying healthy. I enjoy challenging myself physcially. When the oppertunity came to be an instructor, I thought at my age? Yes! at my age, I did it at the age of 55! My new challange will be to do a 5K at the end of the month. I just want to say i did it! Good Luck and Good Health to you!

  6. Vanessa says

    You can do it Bob, make sure it's enjoyable otherwise it becomes a chore and end up hating it like me. I don't like daily gym routine, i like to mix it up that way i don't get bored. Love the beautiful fresh color of that tuna btw. I can eat 2 plates of that easy. Can't wait for our vacation there and eat sushi and sashimi everday hehe.

    • says

      Thank you Vanessa. I am like you, if I always do the same thing, I get bored easily, so yes, I have to mix it up a bit and do things differently to keep my interest. One thing that I can do daily and enjoy every day is swimming, and I want to get back into that routine!

      Take care.

  7. Phi R. says

    Hey Bob. good to hear that you are taking control of your weight .. have you ever tried eating Dill seeds they help control your appetite so you don't get hungry all the time and they taste good too ..

  8. Della says

    Hi Bob:

    I am most interested in your earlier comment about having dengue fever and it leaving you exhausted. My last trip to the Philippines (Jan. of this year) I got bit one night by three unusual looking mosquitoes. The bites stung like crazy for some time and a large area surround each bite was extremely red and then it spread to a large area. It looked like there was bleeding under the skin. It was approximately 5 or 6 days later that I felt nauseous, was freezing cold and couldn't get warm, had a sore throat and other symptoms. I was checked for malaria but knew that wasn't what it was because of the throat. Anyway, I was really sick and weak. It wasn't until returning to my home country that I was reading up on the different things you can get from mosquito bites and came to the conclusion that I had a classic case of dengue fever.

    I did go to my family physician here, but in all honesty, they didn't know anything about this disease. It was now well into the 2nd. month when the blood tests came back. They simply said that it showed I had "had" a virus sometime back! That was crazy. Here is the issue-I have been just so exhausted ever since. No motivation and some days I just have to lay down and when i do I go into a deep sleep. It scares me, as this seems unnatural. You live there, have had it and are probably somewhat informed of this dengue fever. Is it common to have this extreme exhaustion and for such a long time? It certainly makes any type of exercise a real motivational challenge.

    What sayest thou-oh man of much wisdom and contacts :<)

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • says

      Hi Della – I'm sorry to hear of your sickness during your visit to the Philippines. I can almost certainly say, though, that you did not have Dengue, if the mosquito bit you "one night" as you say. The type of mosquitoes that cause dengue only bite during the day, not at night, which is unusual, but true. Also, there are others symptoms of dengue that you did not mention. One is that your eyes are very sore, they feel like they will pop out of their sockets. And, as you are healing, you get lots of very pronounced red spots on your legs. Some of your symptoms sound very dengue-like, but they can also apply to other diseases as well.

      • Della says

        Bob, I had the extreme pain that accompanied the other symptoms; similar to the worst flue one could ever imagine, all the joints and body ached as well as the nausea followed by vomiting . Yes, the pain behind the eyes, also the whites of the eyes turned red, had the red spots on the legs (actually took pictures), it was dusk when this occurred and the mosquitoes were striped in appearance. The glands on each side of my neck were swollen as well. I actually got bit by three of these mosquito's. It was like a swarm that came out from under the bamboo bench of a critically ill lady that we'd gone to minister to. It was very strange to me. I have had mos. bites before but never by mos. that looked like this, nor had the symptoms that followed.

        How is your weight loss and exercise program going?

        • says

          Hi Della,

          Hmm.. given that additional information, I would say that it is pretty certain that you did have dengue, then. Sorry that it had to happen to you, because my experience with dengue was really bad! I hate for anybody to have to suffer through that!

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