Is everything about politics these days?

Daily life in the USA has changed a lot since I was a kid.  It had already changed a lot when I left the USA in May 2000.  Since that time, I’ve been living in the Philippines, and have never been back to the USA, so I am now observing my country from the outside.  What I am seeing almost seems like a foreign country to me.  Well, I guess I have been away long enough that it really is a foreign country to me now.

This past weekend was the Super Bowl.  I’ve kind of lost interest in the Super Bowl to be honest.  We don’t really get NFL football on TV here (there are ways to get it, like by paying for Internet streaming of NFL games), so I have pretty much lost interest in the whole thing.  Every year, I pay a bit of attention to the Super Bowl, though, just to know who won the game, and such.  I also follow the Super Bowl commercials a bit too, because they are usually so creative, and I like that.

This year, I saw a Super Bowl Commercial entitled “Halftime in America” which was produced, directed and featuring Clint Eastwood.  I like Clint Eastwood, have always been a fan.  We pretty much share political philosophy too, we are both relatively conservative politically.  I was shocked today to see in the US Media that many conservatives are quite against this commercial, which you can see below:


Apparently, many conservatives are saying that this is a commercial for President Obama, or to praise Obama for bailing out Chrysler.  Some sort of “pat on the back” for Obama.  I did not see the commercial that way at all.  In fact, when Clint Eastwood said that America can’t be knocked out with a single punch, and the country will get up and be strong, I didn’t think of that as anything about Obama.  My thinking was that it was saying something along the lines of:

We’ve been knocked down in the past few years with the poor economy, but we are strong.  We were born in 1776 and it’s just halftime for us.  We will get up and finish the game stronger than ever.

Nothing pro-Obama about that, that is pro-American.

Let me say, I am not an Obama supporter, although I have come to think that he will be elected, I hope that he is not.  But, I do want Obama to be successful, because that means that the USA is successful.  If you are hoping for Obama to fail, you are hoping for the USA to fail.  That’s not right, in my opinion, regardless of your political tilt.

I guess where I am going with this is here… does every single thing in life these days have to be about politics?  A TV commercial for a car company is not a political thing, it is put on TV to sell cars.  Why does every single thing have to be made into a political debate?

Frankly, I’m already tired of that.


  1. says

    Here's an on-shore perspective: I too decry the politicalization of American life, but it is inevitable. The media is totally invested in the outcome of this coming election. I get 1-3 robo-calls per day that are ALL political. Everywhere we turn it's emails, blogs, Facebook posts, radio talk show topics, TV commercials and junk mail that is all political. Frankly I'm burned out.
    I'm a conservative in California. I might as well not even think about the election. This crazy state is a Liberal lock and getting worse. Anyone with any money or a business has left the state or wishes to. That's my plan. I'll be joining you in Mindanao in about 4 years.

  2. ted says

    I came to the Philippines in 2009 and had enough of Obama and surely had enough of Bush . I do not think Obama will be re elected . The only thing I miss about U.S. is some of the food , my children, and friends . I miss going to the bank the way I did instead of the way they do here . Anyway next year I will visit back in North Carolina and perhaps Ohio with my wife and son so they can see U. S. As far as Obama he has done nothing to help U.S. just made a mess of things and American Economy .

  3. Bob New York says

    It seems some people will attach politics to anything and everything, even to a roll of toilet tissue. Left Wing, Right Wing, Center Wing, Buffalo Wings ! I avoid getting involved in conversations of Politics, I keep to myself and vote based upon my own decision. I'd rather be web surfing your part of the world Mindanao Bob, than discussing politics.

  4. mike cowan says

    Unfortunately. when government enroaches on your daily life from the time you get up until you go to bed, yeah, everything is going to be politicized. But only until it becomes totally fascist, Then the overt complaining will cease. The Republicrat Party has been working this gameplan since at least the Roosevelt era. Dale P, you have my condolences. My mom bailed us out of California in 1965. To this day, whenever I’m asked where I was born, my reply is simply Richmond. I hope they just assume Virginia. Big powerful, intrusive governments create politicalization of everyday issues.

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