How do you roast?

How do you roast your green coffee beans?  I am not looking for the procedure.  I'm not looking for what machine you use.  What I mean is, like, how much do you roast at a time, and how many different varieties of coffee do you roast at a given time? For me, I usually roast about twice per week, sometimes only once per week.  I roast small quantities, usually 1/4 to 1/3 pound of any variety.  If it's a coffee that I have a large stash of, then I will do up to a half pound on a single roast. Why such small batches?  For a couple of reasons: I find it easier to control the roast process when I roast only a very small batch of beans.  If I … [Read more...]

Ugly, but hopefully delicious

Last month, I got my first Ethiopia Yirgacheffe green coffee beans.  Ethiopia is the place where coffee was "invented," so I was looking forward to enjoying some wonderfully delicious coffee. Well, as you know if you read this site, I am pretty new at coffee roasting, and specialty coffee beans in general.  When I roasted the yirg beans, I thought I did an OK job, given that it was only about my 3rd or 4th time to ever roast coffee.  I e-mailed a photo of my roast to my best coffee buddy, Bobby.  Here is a picture of my initial roast: Well, Bobby e-mailed me back and told me that the roast was "ugly."  As I scrutinized the picture, I … [Read more...]

Coffee Roasting 101

This morning I roasted some coffee beans.  You may be wondering what I am talking about.  You see, I purchased some green coffee beans, beans which have never been roasted before, and I roasted them in a pot on the stovetop. There are a lot of better ways to roast coffee beans, but I am a bit of a simpleton when it comes to coffee, and I enjoy pan roasting.  You can do a better job with commercial roasting equipment, but pan roasting is fine for me, for now anyway. If you like coffee, but have never roasted your own beans before, you probably don't know what coffee really tastes like.  The coffee you buy in the grocery store was roasted … [Read more...]