Change of plans

Well, I made a commitment to myself a few days ago that I was going to start walking regularly again.  I got started yesterday, walking about 1 mile.  Today, though, I had to make a change of plans!  It has been pouring down rain, at least moderate rain, since yesterday morning.  No signs of it letting up, either. So, due to the weather, I had to change my plans for walking today.  After I finish writing this, I will ride my stationary bike for a while, tough, in order to continue with increasing my exercise.  I prefer walking to riding an exercise bike, though, so I am looking forward to the storm passing.  I find riding the exercise bike … [Read more...]

My journey will continue

Today, I am going to once again get started on my journey. Actually, I have been thinking about it for a while now, wanting to be back on the road. It's been a few years now since I have seriously progressed on this journey, but I am ready to get it going again. I am talking about a journey down the road to better health.  Primarily, I am talking about weight loss. I have struggled all of my life with excessive weight, and in my adult life with obesity.  I have made progress in the past decade, though.  I first moved to the Philippines in May 2000.  While still living in the States, in the late 90's, I reached my maximum weight of 430 … [Read more...]

Keeping it up!

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article about getting my diabetes and diet under control.  As I said, I had seen some very nice results as far as my blood glucose readings went.  They were pretty close to normal, which made me quite happy. Well, that was a one day more than 2 weeks ago when I wrote that, and I am happy to say that my readings are holding.  My diet is still under control, and I am feeling very good.  Amazing what a little more exercise and living a reasonable lifestyle will do for you! When my diabetes was out of control, I had a big problem with infections.  Almost any wound that I got, be it a paper cut, or even a … [Read more...]