Keeping in touch

Yesterday, I started laying out my 2014 Business Resolutions.  My first resolution was Moving to the Cloud for much of my computing.  Today’s Resolution is a bit different from that.  Let me tell you more. All the news that is fit to print! The Chimp For several years, I have been thinking about and talking about setting up a Newsletter that I would send out to my readers from time to time.  Normally, I would say that I am not much of a procrastinator, but in this case, I let the idea linger for a long time.  Finally, about a year and a half ago, I got on the ball, and set up a system of gathering a mailing list, and where I would be … [Read more...]


Recently, I wrote a series of posts here on Ways to Make a Living blog about a project that I had completed.  The project was something I called my “need for speed” project, and it was focused on speeding up my various websites.  Really, the ultimate goal was to increase the scores I was getting on my “Google Scorecard”.  A few months back, Google began giving a scorecard for AdSense publishers, grading them on several different tasks.  I was doing pretty good on my scorecard, except in one category. Site Health Report Card Where was I suffering?  Site Health.  As Google described it, it seemed that Site Health was … [Read more...]

Speed? You want speed?

Well, if you want your site to be speedy, I have some information for you that will most certainly help you achieve your goal!  I know that it helped me achieve my goal, and actually go way beyond my goal. Let me get your attention a bit, so that you will read this article.  My highest traffic website used to be slower than 70% of websites.  Now, when I test it with Pingdom, the score that I get is that my site is faster than 98% of the sites tested!  Yes, faster than 98% of sites. Know how much it cost me to become faster than 98% of other sites?  Nothing.  Nada.  Free.  As they say here in the Philippines…. it was libre!  You just … [Read more...]

I want more!

More speed that is! As I have told you earlier this week, I have been working on my Need for Speed project, trying to speed up my websites.  I feel that speeding up my sites will have a positive impact on my Google AdSense earnings, at least I am giving that a try. Previously this week, I have told you about: Google’s Scorecard and how it pointed me to areas where I need to work My thoughts on things I might try to increase my website speed Caching for my WordPress sites Today, I want to talk about my research and implementation of ideas beyond caching After implementing Caching on my sites, using WP Super Cache, I brought my site … [Read more...]

Implementing caching on my sites

OK, so this week here on the Virtual Earner Blog, I am discussing my “Need for Speed” project that I have been working on for a few weeks.  Basically, this has been an attempt to recover from slipping AdSense earnings across my sites.  By improving my scores on the Google Scorecard, I hope that my earnings will increase.  Since my Google Scorecard indicates that my biggest problem is “Site Health” – mostly site speed – this is the area where I have been focusing my efforts. On Monday, I started this series of articles by looking at the Google Scorecard and where I rank, and what I think I can do about … [Read more...]

Need for Speed project

So, if you read my previous article, you know that I was getting a flunking grade on my Google Scorecard, and what I needed was more speed. As I said in my previous article, when it comes to server optimization, I am pretty much untrained and don’t have much knowledge.  Something similar is site optimization.  Still, I have only a minor amount of knowledge, but it is something that I really needed to learn more about. Server Optimization vs. Site Optimization My new Project – Need For Speed What is the difference?  Well, even though the untrained person (like me) may not think that there is much difference at all, the fact is that … [Read more...]

My new project – a series of posts

This week, I will be writing a number of posts (probably 5 posts, although that could change) on the topic of a new project that I started 2 or 3 weeks ago.  The project has come close to completion and results are becoming clear, so I thought it was time to write about it and report what I am doing, and what the results of my efforts have been. It all started a few weeks back when something that had been going on for about 6 months finally hit the fan and I decided that I wanted to see what I could do about it. What was going on? Well, putting it quite simply, my AdSense earnings were falling!  AdSense is no longer a major part of my income, … [Read more...]

Subdomains: Good or bad?

Some years back, while pondering many different business ideas, I come up with an idea for a blogging network.  It was to be a network of news related blogs.  The network would consist of about 75 different blogs, a different blog for different areas for sort of localized news coverage.  I already owned a domain that I thought would be a perfect domain name for the concept.  The domain name that I had in mind was a name that I was using for one of my major businesses.  I thought it over and didn’t see any negatives in doing this, so I moved forward. So, I had my business on the root domain ( and I had about 75 subdomains … [Read more...]

Don’t buy live plants

Last week I wrote an article here on Ways to Make a Living about my early days in retail management, back in the 1980′s.  I was working for a company called T.G.&Y, and started out with them when I was in High School.  When I started, I was a stock boy, but I ended up working in management, both store management and regional management.  I have to say, being a store manager was one of the most fun parts of my life.  I was able to do things that perhaps I should not have, but because I usually made money with some of the wacky things that I did, I got away with it. As I said last week, my first store that I managed was in a ghetto … [Read more...]

How far are you willing to step outside the box?

One of the things that I talk about a lot is to think outside the box.  Come up with ideas and actions that are “outside the norm”.  Do things that other people won’t do, or are afraid to do.  When I talk about thinking outside the box, a get a LOT of people all telling me that they also think outside the box.  Well, maybe they do, and maybe they don’t.  But, what I will say is that if you “think outside the box” and come up with answers and ideas that everybody else also comes up with, you aren’t really thinking outside the box. When I speak of thinking outside the box, I am thinking of coming up … [Read more...]