Are you feeling comfortable?

Are you feeling comfortable?  Relaxing?  Vegging out?  It’s a nice feeling, don’t you think?  Just having the luxury of being able to spend a few hours or a day or two doing nothing.  Letting your thoughts drift wherever they may go.  It’s liberating, a true breath of pure freedom. It’s a bad habit. Taking a little time to feel comfortable and relish in your accomplishments is a good thing.  But, if you do it too much, it is not a good habit.  Feeling comfortable means that you are not growing, you are not challenging yourself.  You are not expanding your horizons. Are you feeling comfortable, or are you floating in dangerous … [Read more...]

Disturbed by disturbances

The world is a very busy place these days.  It seems like as each year passes, there are new things that create more pressure in our lives.  Think back before cellular phones, before the Internet, before all the technology that we have today.  In earlier days if people wanted to get in touch with us they could send you a letter in the mail, call you on your telephone or talk to you when they saw you in person.  There were no other ways. Today, it’s a little different.  They can basically call you on the telephone no matter where you are, because most of us carry cellular phones wherever we go.  They can send you an e-mail, tweet you via … [Read more...]